Where is Taiping

Taiping, another small town located in northern Perak is the second largest town after Ipoh, Perak’s state capital. The very first Perak capital city was Kuala Kangsar, and then replaced with Taiping from 1876 to 1937, and finally, Ipoh took over the role as state capital until now.

Following the replacement of Ipoh as Perak’s state capital, Taiping’s development has slowed down but in recent years, the town once again begun developing modestly. In addition to its ranking as the second largest town in Perak, Taiping is also commonly known as one of the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia with an annual rainfall of approximately 4,000 milimetres.

Taiping developed rapidly in late 19th century when tin was first discovered by locals. It has attracted large number of Chinese to the area. And that was when feuds began among the Chinese immigrants as both parties wanted to control the mining activities in Taiping.

Later on, British intervened in the matter and finally took over the role and controlled the town’s economic activities including tin mining. During early 1900s, Taiping was the center for other districts namely Larut, Matang and Selama in Perak.

Formerly known as Klian Pauh whereby Klian refers to mine and Pauh is a type of small-sized mango, this town was governed by Datuk Long Jaafar before the invasion of British.

In fact, Long Jaafar was the hero who discovered tin in Larut during 1848. During his administration, Long Jaafar established his office at Bukit Gantang before succeeded by his son, Ngah Ibrahim. The feuds between Chinese immigrants began during Ngah Ibrahim’s administration. Chinese immigrants then formed ‘Five Associations’ and ‘Four Associations’.

Since the town’s mining industry was booming, the country’s first railway was built from Taiping to Port Weld in order to transport tin. Malaysia’s first train began on June 1 1885.

Maxwell Hill or Bukit Larut

A serene lush hill located in Taiping would be Maxwell Hill or Bukit Larut as known to many. It is a 1000 meter high hill which is a common place for the locals to take hikes and walks up the hill. There are shuttle services on the jeeps and four wheel drives up to the peak.

Taiping Lake

The Lake Garders or The Taiping Lake is the major hang out in the town. Located at the heart of the town, this is the place where you will see a lot of people who come here to take walks or to just hang around the lake. Occassionally there people taking wedding pictures here as well. There are walkways and benches for you to just sit around and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake areas. on certain days, you can also watch monkeys that jump around the trees and are not afraid to hang around the park as well. note that you should not feed them directly as you might attract more and more monkeys to your side. Taiping Zoo is also a famous attraction here. The first zoo in Malaysia has grown from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the main zoos in the country with a Night Safari service.

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Some hotels in Taiping

Hotel Seri Malaysia is located around the Lake Gardens while Hotel Meridian has rooms from RM68 per night. Panorama Hotel and the New Champagne Hotels are also available while Taiping Inn would be a cheaper alternative.

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