Where is Cameron Highlands? What’s the best accommodations there?

What is the history of Cameron Highlands? What is so famous about Cameron Highlands?

Which town should I stay in Cameron Highlands?


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Cameron Highlands was found in 1885 by William Cameron which was eventually have the area named in his honour. he was on an expedition sent by the British government. The plateau he found is at an altitude of ~6000ft (1,800m) above sea-level and the temperature falls between 8°C and 25°C. It was not fully developed until 1925 that it was then proposed by Sir George Maxwell as a hill resort. It has since become a very popular resort among Malaysians and overseas tourist as well.

The hilltop comprises of several towns which include Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Ringlet, Kampung Raja and Tringkap. Brinchang and Tanah Rata are famous for accommodations, food and facilities.

Unlike other highlands which are more commercial or developed, Cameron Highlands pride itself for its serene green landscapes that are untouched and the cool windy breeze from the colder temperature. Anyone who has visited Cameron Highlands would provide an unforgettable experience.

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Hidden away in the highlands of cool temperature and natural offsprings of Pahang is Cameron Highlands. Known to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country, it is home to predominantly some agricultural products. Apart from the tea plantations here which makes it the biggest tea exporter in the country, Cameron highlands is frequented by visitors ranging from both domestic and international tourists.

The cooling temperature makes Cameron Highlands a distinct destination by which it is ideal for planting flowers, tea and fruits. Cameron Highlands differ with other elevated townships in the country because of its unique old architecture that brought the British here during their colonization of the country, making it their vacation homes away from the heat of the bigger low land towns. To this day, Cameron still exude the slower moving lifestyle as compared to the more commercial Genting Highlands, another elevated city of attraction.

The most common sight any visitor will see perhaps is the rows and rows of plantations. There are a few types of plantation that maintains its attraction. The most common and most celebrated are the tea plantations here. The most famous plantation here would be the Boh Tea plantation, the biggest Malaysian tea production company. The plantation is open to the public to view the majestic hills of tea leaves lining up the hills. The tea center includes a tea making factory, a museum and a café the sits hovering over the tea plantation, offering a spectacular view of the plantation.

One would also be able to visit some flower gardens here because apart from tea, Cameron Highlands is also one of the major flower producer as well as supplier in the country. From all flowers, Rose gardens are the most common where one can visit the gardens and experience how roses are planted while viewing the floral views of various rose species.

Strawberries is perhaps the most prominent trademark of township. There are many strawberry gardens available for visitors. The visitor can pluck their own strawberries for purchase. Apart from that, most strawberry parks house their own cafes where one can taste freshly picked fruits or experience the super sweet strawberry ice cream. One could also buy the authentic strawberry jam made from freshly squeezed strawberry, unlike the manufactured ones found in supermarkets.

Fresh vegetable are available in all day around the clock, but to really find a variety of fresh vegetables, the night market is the best place to do so. The products sold here are fresher than those found in other markets around the country as a lot of those are sent down from the hilltop .

Cameron Highlands, with the many attractions are usually bustling with activities perhaps from the many visitors who come here daily. Accommodations are abundant and eateries are found a stone’s throw away. Most of travelers’ needs are fully facilitated and accommodated here amidst the beautiful landscape that it naturally offer. One will be able to savour the local delicacies, enjoying the serene cool atmosphere while learning a new thing or two about vegetation products here.

james Answered on October 10, 2015.
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Hotel Jasmine is quite a good hotel in Brinchang

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sheena Answered on October 11, 2015.
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