What you need to know about L’occitane Skincare brand

L’Occitane Background

Created by Mr Olivier Baussan, L’occitane is one of the most popular skin care and cosmetic brands in the world. L’occitane beauty products started off in 1976 under Mr Baussan where the products were developed to give women and customers more choices that will make their skin more natural and vibrant. The products from L’occitane were inspired through the cultures of the Mediterranean where it originates from Provence. The name means ‘the woman from Occitania’ where it began its humble start and grew into one of the most well-known skin care brands today.

The products of L’occitane stemmed from the early methods adopted by Baussan when he used steam distillation techniques to product the essential oil from wild rosemary and lavender and in 1978, the first outlet was opened in Volx. He would then move on to product vegetable-based soaps using the methods he learnt traditionally. He would continue to develop the company and found himself excluded from the operations of the company after selling most of his stakes to venture capitalists in the 1990s. it was in 1994 when Reinold Geiger bought a controlling stake in L’occitane that Baussan would eventually be called back to lead the product development efforts who would then help to steer the company to become a major force in the skin care sector.

From here, the brand would grow further and into the international market where it was repositioned and renamed as ‘L’Occitane en Provence’. Later on, another major cosmetics and skin care brand Clairins would buy a stake in the company. Today, the brand operates more than 170 outlets in the United States while it also operates in more than 70 countries around the world including Malaysia. The L’Occitane stores are known for its welcoming persona and homely scenario that promotes an environmental friendly atmosphere.

L’Occitane Products

Basically, L’Occitane is known for its products which are environmental friendly and tender to the skin. Most if not all of its products are manufactured from Manosque, its base where the company is also known to contribute in the preservation of nature through various programs and events. Among some of its most notable efforts include the encouraging and embarking on programmes for the cultivation and growing of lavender since they have many products made from this resource.

L’Occitane’s skin care products are very popular where among its most popular products include the Angelica Cleansing Gel, Eye Roll-On, Face Toner and Angelica Hydration Cream. As the ingredients used to produce L’Occitane products are natural and soft, they are known to be very effective for the skin where among some of the most popular skin care products are in the anti-aging and skin toning categories where the likes of the Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator and the Immortelle Divine Cream are popular choices.

Meanwhile, L’Occitane’s facial care products and creams are well preferred by its customers where products like Essential Water for Face, Immortelle Brightening Water and the Purifying Rice Toner are common choices while the brand also carries its own serum products. This includes the Divine Extract, the Very Precious Eye Serum, the Immortelle Brightening UV Shield, the Angelica Milky Lotion and many more. While most of the products are made and catered for women, L’Occitane also has a category of products for men that include face and hair care, shaving, body and skin care and many more.

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