What you need to know about Kiehl’s Skincare brand


Kiehl’s is perhaps one of the oldest and most established skin care brand in the market today. Owned by one of the largest cosmetics and skin care giant, L’Oreal group, Kiehl’s started off in 1851 and is currently managed through its headquarters in New York City where it now has more than 30 independent stores and counter outlets around the world. Kiehl’s products are known for being unique and original where despite the stiff and cruel competition of the skin care market, its philosophy and roots are still very much evident.

Kiehl’s started in the East Village of Manhattan in New York City back in 1851 where it was counded by John Kiehl where it was then taken over by Irving Morse when he bought the store in 1921. Morse would then develop and grow the brand where among some his products, the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion and the Crème de Corps are still some of the most popular products today. Despite his involvement in product development, it was when his son Aaron Morse took over in the 1960s that Kiehl’s began gaining momentum and recognition.

Jami Morse Heidegger, the daughter of Aaron would then take over in 1988 and marketed the brand so successfully that today, Kiehl’s became one of the most renowned skin care brands in the world. In 2000, due to overwhelming demand for Kiehl’s products, L’Oreal took over who truly helped with the production of Kiehl’s product line to fulfil the fast rising demands of its customers. L’Oreal then grew the brand further where it positioned Kiehl’s as a luxury land and preserved its traditional roots.


Kiehl’s Products

Unlike other skin care products, Kiehl’s products are known to be more expensive although it is not positioned to be on the upscale market. Its signature products include the likes of the Blue Astrigent, Crème de Corps and the Original Musk Oil, which have stood through the test of time and is still widely popular today.

It is known that Kiehl’s approach to its customers are very personal where each store is uniquely positioned where it approaches the market differently. Today, Kiehl’s product range is catered for women and men where they offer products for the face and body. For the face, Kiehl’s offer cream and wash for different skin types that include dry, normal and oily skin while it is also known for its anti-aging creams like the Abyssine Cream, the Cryste Marine Ultra Riche and the Cryste Marine Firming Cream. Apart from that, its customers also like the Kiehl’s wrinkle and fine-line treatment creams like Abyssine Eye Cream, the Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery concentrate creams respectively.

Apart from that, Kiehl’s body cream include products for both dry and normal skins and this is where its signature Crème de Corps are most popular. Other products in this category include the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Superbly Restorative Argan Body Cleansing Oil and many others. Meanwhile, customers who are looking for hair treatment could try out Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo and its hair masks. Kiehl’s is also known for its serum products that include its Abyssine Serum and the Acai Damage-repair Serum products respectively while the brand is also known for its make-up and skin whitening products too while Kiehl’s also offer men products that covers the pre-shave, shave, post-shave, body and face care.


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