What is STC 4D (Sandakan Turf Club 4D)

STC 4D or known as Sandakan Turf Club 4D is typically a game of chance where, if you are familiar with the 4D game available in Sandakan in Sabah. The legitimate operator of this game is Everise Ventures Sdn Bhd where more than 40 branches offer the services to gamers across Sabah .

The STC 4D is essentially similar to all the 4D games which you usually play in around Malaysia like the Magnum 4D, Da Ma Cai 1+3D and such. This is where you can enjoy high winning cash prizes with a purchase of any amount. The numbers which you can choose from ranges from 0000 to 9999 which amount to a 10,000 probability. If you are lucky, just any number will win you from RM60 up to RM3,500 merely by placing an RM1, which is the minimum.

To play this game, winning the prize is entirely up to you. This is because you will be deciding on the amount you would like to place on which will determine the outcome of your winnings. The game of 4D is such that every amount you place on will be multiplied with the amount of the prize winnings. Apart from that, where you place are also important. There are 2 forecasts available for you to choose from and hence each forecast comes with a different winning scheme.

On every draw day, which usually takes place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and occasionally on Tuesdays, there will be a total of 23 4 digit numbers drawn. One each from the first, second and third prizes and 10 from the Special and 10 from Consolation categories. If you place on the Big forecast, any of the 23 numbers matches on your number will be entitled to a win but if you place on the Small forecast, you will only be eligible to win the top 3 prizes.

The prize winnings for both the forecasts are as follow:

Big Forecast:

First Prize: RM2,500

Second Prize: RM1,000

Third Prize: RM500

Starter Prize: RM200

Consolation Prize: RM60

Small Forecast:

First Prize: RM3,500

Second Prize: RM2,500

Third Prize: RM1,000

Take note that you are free to place for any one of the forecast or if you prefer, on both as well. Once you have placed, you will be issued a draw ticket which states very clearly the amount you bought, the day and date of your bet as well as a serial number which identifies your purchase. Ensure that you keep your ticket properly and in good condition in order to claim your prize when you win.

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