What is Special Cash Sweep 1+3D

If you are in Sarawak , then you can join the Special Cash Sweep 1+3D game. This is where you can enjoy winnings up to RM3,500 merely by placing a RM1. The STEC Special Cash Sweep 1+3D is typically a 4 digit game of chance where you can win cash prizes by placing a minimum of RM1. For every placement, you will stand a chance to win the cash prizes if any of your number is drawn among the 23 numbers drawn each day. The exclusive company who runs this game is Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd.

Draw days are on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays and on certain occasions, and by the approval of the Ministry of Finance, Tuesday have special draws. You can actually buy prior to the draw days but they close at 7.00pm where the numbers are then drawn. There are 2 different forecasts in the Special Cash Sweep 1+3D.

You will have to first choose a 4digit number to place on. Depending how much you think you stand to win, you place with a minimum of RM1. The placement will then be multiplied with the prize winnings as stipulated. Then you choose which forecast you would like to place on. Where this is concerned, you can choose between 1+3D Big forecast, 1+3D small forecast or both. The 1+3D Big forecast allow you to win if your number is drawn in within any of the 23 numbers but if you place on 1+3D Small Forecast then only the top 3 numbers drawn are eligible for winnings.

The prize structure for the Special Cash Sweep 1+3D are:

1+3D Big Forecast:

First Prize: RM2,500

Second Prize: RM1,000

Third Prize: RM500

Starter Prize: RM200

Consolation Prize: RM60


1+3D Small Forecast:

First Prize: RM3,500

Second Prize: RM2,500

Third Prize: RM1,000

To increase your chance of winning, you can also join the 3D game also conducted by the same operator where the last 3 digits of the first, second and third prizes allow you to win cash prizes as well.


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