What is Jiran Wanita?

Jiran Wanita

The Jiran Wanita is one of the divisions of a typical RT (Rukun Tetangga). In most RT centres, the Jiran Wanita is often one of the most active divisions which as the name implies, fully catered for women of all ages from the specific residential area.

The objective of Jiran Wanita is to provide a place and centre for women to gather and join community programs, thereby cultivating better fellowship and unity among the people of the area. As this is a female-centric division, its activities are usually catered for this community.

This means that it is very common for the Jiran Wanita to hold seminars on women’s health, programs like cooking classes, competitions and menopause-related events. Apart from that, Jiran Wanita organizes trips for women, exercise programs like aerobics and many more.

The Jiran Wanita is open to women from all ages in the specific community where the only requirement is that the member resides within the vicinity of the RT Centre. Depending on the branch, the Jiran Wanita will usually hold yearly annual general meetings which will elect the chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, secretary and other office-bearers who will organize programs throughout the year for the betterment and development of the women community of the specific area.

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Warga Emas

For the senior citizens of a particular residential area, Rukun Tetangga (RT) offers membership to the Warga Emas. This is specifically intended for residents who are above 55 years of age although the requirement varies among certain RTs.

Joining the Warga Emas division of the RT offers the elderly a place to mix around with others and to have a platform to spend their time better through programs and activities. This division is open to both men and women who are above the age required.

The organizing of activities and programs for the Warga Emas in the RT is carried out by its team of committee members which are usually elected once every 2 years, depending on the needs of the RT centre. This will involve the chairperson and the deputy, a secretary for administrative matters and treasurer to handle financial matters.

Among the activities that are run throughout the year include cooking classes for the female senior citizens, trips to religious places, food carnival, singing competition and annual dinners which are all intended to provide a healthy and harmonious environment for the elderly. Apart from that, there are daily or weekly programs like Tai-Chi classes, reflexology and traditional medicine sessions and crafts, among others.

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The Jiran Muda of a Rukun Tetangga or RT is the youth division which is involved mainly with the younger group of members of the specific residential area. Most RTs have this division which is fully focused in developing a healthy community of young people around the residential area.

Like its other counterparts, the Jiran Muda has a team of office-bearers consisting of a chairperson, deputy chairperson, treasurer, secretary and others. This team of people will be actively involved with the Jiran Muda of other RTs as well as being the main liaison with the Ministry for any national-level programs like the 1M4U organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Throughout the year, the Jiran Muda organizes several programs which are intended to promote better health among the youth and to offer more options in terms of recreation and sports. To be eligible to join the Jiran Muda, the member must be between 7 and 22 years of age and a resident of the specific area.

Activities organized by the Jiran Muda includes sports-related programs like badminton, futsal and ping-pong while it is involved in inter-RT sports programs as well as in national programs like sports carnivals, youth roadshows and many more.

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