What are the best foods in Penang?

Ill be going to Penang end of this month and Ive heard that penang is famous for its food.  Any must try food in Penang?

james Asked on September 29, 2015 in Food & Restaurants.
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Nothing beats the local hawker foods in Penang mainly because this is the main attractions here besides its heritage buildings in penang and seaside resorts. Anyone who is visiting Penang will be advised to head toward Gurney Drive to try out the wide array of local delicacies like rojak and the Char Kway Teow there.

As a multi-cultural state which is extremely rich in history and people, there is an abundant of choices when it comes to food and places to eat.

Hawker Food – The best way to try out the local snacks and foods in Penang is by eating at hawker stalls and food courts. These places offer cheap foods and they are everywhere. Street food is very common in Malaysia and in Penang, you get the best of the experience and originality as well.

Assam Laksa – In Penang, the Assam Laksa here is known as its specialty food and a definite must-try for any visitor. This spicy soup with noodles takes some time to get used to for the first timer and there is a distinct Penang taste to it not replicable in other parts of the country. The Ayer Itam market is the best place to go for this.

Char Kway Teow – This is another distinct dish which is extremely popular in Penang. In fact, you get Char Kway Teow everywhere in Malaysia but Penang’s version is touted to be the best. Try the one at Kafe Khoon Hiang which uses duck eggs for a more aromatic experience.

Hokkien Hae Mee – Do not be mistaken for the Hokkien Mee in other parts of the country. This is again another distinct Penang recipe which comes with prawns and is soupy. Besides that, it comes with squid, fish cake and vege where you can find one very popular outlet at the Presgrave Street Hawker centre as well as in Gurney Drive.

Oh Chien – You can get this fried oyster with eggs dish almost anywhere. The taste among them can be quite consistent but it is surely a must-try.

Popiah – You get popiah around Malaysia but in Penang, you get the best type. A combination of spicy eggs, vegetable stew and lettuce wrapped in delicate popiah skin, make sure you try this when you are here.

Penang Rojak – Like other Malaysian food, the Penang rojak is the northern state’s unique recipe of this local favourite. You get a mixture of fruits and cuttlefish made like a salad dish with its own unique sauce. Try out the one at Hock Seng Rojak and you won’t regret it.

haydenl Answered on September 29, 2015.
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