Useful strategies for paintball

If you are a very competitive person then these tips and strategies provided in this article will sure help you to win. You can read about these strategies but you should work them into your game play in order for you to succeed. If you are smart enough you can adapt these game plans into different scenarios and always come out victorious. There are several game strategies that we will be discussing in the articles and they range from intermediate to advance paintball strategies so place close attention to them. If you are a beginner at paintball, these strategies may yield some interesting results but don’t worry if you are unable to get the hang of it and if you lose. Once you understand the fundamentals of it you will be on top most of the time.

One of the main strategies that are used most often by team based games is to study the opposing team. If you are able to grasp the strength and weaknesses of the other team it will give you great advantage as you are then able to plan tactics that will work to your benefit in the end. So for example if you know that the opposing team has some very strong players you can try take them out first early on in the game. After that you can start to eliminate the weaker players of that team or another tactic is to avoid the stronger players the best that you can while working on the weaker players.

Use your skills and make up for those that the team is lacking in

Look at the skills that you have and see how you can contribute those skills to your group. For example if you are a quick player, meaning that you can run fast then you may become an asset to your team who consist of slow players. However if you are not fast as your other teammates then you can try to anchor them and support them from behind while the others are up front. So for example you can become the protector of the flag, if this particular game requires the capture of the flag. If you are a good shooter then you may volunteer yourself as a shooter to take out your opponents so that your group is able to move up the field into the opposing team’s territory.

Moving around is the best way to win

If you have some kind of advantage then the game if definitely yours to win, so if your paintball strategy incorporates a lot of movement than it is most likely that you will have the advantage on the field. Well to be fair the game does require one to move but it will depend on how fast you move and what position you are in that will determine who will become victorious. For example try to keep your opponents from viewing what your next move is going to be by shooting at their position with some of your ammunition. After that move quickly to the location that you want to go to and when you do this always try to get to a position that will give you a better advantage in terms of the angle so that you will be able to get a fix the position of your enemies and tag them. But one thing that you should take note of is that staying in one spot will actually increase your chances of getting eliminated from the game as opposed to eliminating more of your opponents.

So if you do not get a lock on your opponent then it is advisable that you move to a better position. And if you have tried to eliminate them but have failed, then you should also move as well. However if you do not get a better position as you hoped for, it is advisable that you do not get up and start emptying out your ammunition in hopes of going out like a hero (it only happens in the movies). Instead try to take a peak at your surroundings and see the current situation of the field, use your head as there might be some targets in sight which you can try to eliminate from the position that you are in or there are better position near by which you haven’t though of initially.

Pinching and no this do not mean physically abusing your opponents

Pinching is a very effective paintball strategy, so basically it is wear you attack the opposing team from both sides of the field. It’s a win-win situation for you, if you are unable to eliminate the players form the other team, they may be forced to give away their position. In this case you will have a better chance of eliminating them; if you are able to do this particular tactic properly then you will stand a chance of winning the game. Another thing that you should take note of is to make your first shot count, never waist your ammunition. Aim carefully before you take that shot, if you miss then fire a few more shots quickly and make sure that you shoot in bursts as not every paintball will break on contact. After you have done this sit back and remain in your protected position before you make your next move. If you see anything and everything that is sticking out and exposed, take your shot at whatever it is. This may include the hopper, visors, the gun, the feet, and so on.

If you are a paintball enthusiast you should try to shoot while you are moving, this is more difficult than it actually sounds so you may want to practice doing this before you actually attempt it on the field. However if you have the hang of it, this type of method will be not only effective against eliminating your opponents but it can also protect you as well. When you do this, make sure that your gun is leveled and try not to move your body up and down as this will reduce the accuracy of your shots. You can try to overcome this by moving in a slight crouch position or instead try running a bit slower than you usually would as this may increase the accuracy of your shots.

Once you have set your target, try to run side to side at different distances so that you can try to hit your target. The best position is to run slowly and at a slight crouch, this particular strategy will definitely come in handy on the paintball field as most of the people are just simply running around and shooting with their guns flying around. Another useful tip is to shoot in front of the path of your target while they are running; this is because the paintballs are not as fast as the bullets. So the best way to hit your targets is to just simply let your opponents run into the path of the paintballs.

Take a look around and use the terrain to your advantage

Use the particular terrain that you are in to the best of your advantage, for example look around your environment and see what you can do with the hills and tress. For example if there is a hill as part of your paintball venue, you can use that to your advantage and start at the base of the hill before you slowly climb up at a crouch. When you have finally reached the top, pop-up and take a look at your surroundings and then quickly fall back onto your belly so that you are protected and not exposed. This is because from that vantage point you would most probably be able to get a lock on your targets. If there are trees you can use them to your advantage as well especially if you are playing a game that requires you to protect a flag. Look out for trees that can provide you with some protection and that allows for movement. Alternatively you can use the trees as your hideout as you wait for your opponents to arrive and then you can ambush them.

After you have hit your opponent and they are eliminated, move to your next target. While it may be more satisfying to watch your opponents get hit, if you stay at one place for too long you may end up getting eliminated as well. Always look for holes and gaps that you can shoot through to get to your targets. The most effective strategies that you can utilize when you are on the paintball field are to have consistent movement. Another strategy which you can utilize is to trick your opponents, for example you can fire at them from one side to keep them busy while the rest of your teammates sneak up on them from the weaker side to eliminate them. A good way to protect yourself is to find a good bunker so that your opponent cannot come around to surprise attack you. Instead they are forced to expose themselves and that’s when you will be able to take them out.

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