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My shop sells IT goods and gadgets. A guy came recently to purchase a used laptop computer. He tried it and tested at my shop and I informed him that there is no warranty and that the product is sold ‘as is’ basis as stated in the receipt. He returned a few days later, wants to return the laptop and claims to be faulty. I declined. He then went to the Consumer’s Tribunal and demands for compensation. What should I do?

james Asked on September 23, 2015 in Law.
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As the case has gone to the Tribunal, you would have to follow it through. However, if there is clear statement (on the receipt or in your shop) that states that there is no returns or exchanges entertained, then you could have a strong case there. However, if there are not any such statements, then you might have to accept the laptop and pay for damages.

sheena Answered on October 1, 2015.
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