TM Suckz. 1-300-88-1221

Only in this country the consumer is charged to complaint about the service of any company. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Coming to TM, they are the worst of the scammers in Malaysia. You are not given any choice to register a complaint online and you are forced to call their absolutely USELESS 1-300-88-1221 line. First they keep you listening to nonsense and then keep you on hold… while YOU are being charged for the call… which is to complain about them!! 20 – 30 mins is common!!! If they tried this in the USA or any European country, they would be sued in Court.

My Unifi internet is down for more than 24 hours and nothing has been done about it.

I intend to open up a web site where I will run a campaign on the ethics of these companies with TM / Digi will be targeted for their “We Don’t Care” attitude.

sazli Asked on October 8, 2015 in Complaints.
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