Special draw dates for Magnum Damacai and Toto

The 4D (4-digit) number prediction game is one that is available throughout the entire calendar year where it will come about 3 times a week. This is where you can play the 4D and other number prediction games through the respective operators on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. These are called Draw Days in which they are available as standard playing days.

However, on certain occasions and under certain circumstances, the operators will hold a Special Draw which comes about every other week. Special Draws usually fall on Tuesdays of the particular week and it is available as and when the particular operator obtains a special approval from the Ministry. Special Draws usually come about during occasions like Chinese New Year and most commonly during the birthdays of Ruler and Sultans as well as public holidays and you will be informed through a banner in the branches.

Very much like the standard draw days, when there is a Special Draw day coming up, the ticket counters will start accepting participants 7 days prior to the particular day and you will be able to play the game from then until 7pm of that day. The results will be released at the same time of standard draw days which are usually around 7.30pm.

However, Special Draws do not usually involve every operator as there are some which might not have applied for the approval from the Ministry beforehand which means that they cannot run the Special Draw. Otherwise, most of the operators will hold Special Draw days concurrently. It will be best to double check with the operators if they have a Special Draw day coming up or you could also check this space and we will keep you informed when there is one approaching.

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2015 Special Draw Dates

27-Oct-2015 (Tue)
03-Nov-2015 (Tue)
24-Nov-2015 (Tue)
01-Dec-2015 (Tue)
29-Dec-2015 (Tue)

Subsequent draw dates will be posted below.

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