Safety Tips on Paintball

In this article you will find safety tips that every player should adhere to whenever they are on the field. For example there is the barrel plug which is a must have piece to ensure your safety when playing paintball. It is used to cover the end of the barrel and prevents any of the balls from being expelled by accident. So do not let your ego get in the way or no matter how confident you fell with your gun, remember to always use the barrel plug whenever you are handling the gun off the field as you may seriously hurt someone.

Another safety item that will come in handy is the safety catch; this piece of equipment keeps your gun from being fired accidentally when you are not using it. It can be either in the form of a physical or electronic catch, the physical one will not allow the trigger to be pulled when you are not in the field while the electronic ones can be found in all of the electronic operated paintball guns.

Goggles are a very important safety gear and you should never take it off whenever you are on the paintball field. Never mess around with them and the next time you step onto the paintball field make sure to have your goggles on; since this is not something that should be taken lightly no one will let you on the field in the first place if you do not have your goggles on.

Here are some other rules that you should take note of, always make sure that you have proper paintball gear on whenever you are on the field, this means that you should have paintball goggles, pads and masks on so that it will cover your throat, eyes, head and ears. This is because if you do not have the gear to cover these areas you may risk deafness and blindness. And make sure that you do not shoot anyone else besides the people that are on the field.

If you do not intend to shoot a target then you should not point your paintball gun at it, so for example never try to scare people using the marker as you may accidentally hurt someone due to a misfire. Always keep your head clear and never succumb to the excitement of the event, this means that you should never try to shoot someone at close range.

Objects that can be easily broken such as glass and windows should never become your target, not only do they break and need to be replaced which costs money but the shards can also potentially cause harm as well. One of things that may surprise you but it is also one of the more sensible things to do; which is to never look directly at a paintball gun barrel.

When you are done with your paintball game, make sure that you remove all the paintballs first, after that you can safely remove the CO2 canister. And speaking of the CO2 canister, if you ever encounter a canister that is leaking make sure to keep any exposed skins away from it as it may cause frostbites.

The paintballs that you use should be made especially for this form of activity, never use any other form of objects as your ammunition. Also make sure that the paintballs are non-toxic and are made from water soluble materials. If by any chance you get sprayed by the paintball material (that is why it is important to always wear your goggles), try to wash your eye out completely with water or a saline solution. Take care as to not rub your eyes as it may cause more damage to the eye and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Never transport your paintball guns that have a charged CO2 canister or an air system that is installed into it. And do not have the hammer in the cocked position either as this may damage your markers. Unless you are completely aware of the mechanics of a paintball gun never try to handle one, this is because you may not only endanger yourself but also others that are around you.

Pressurize your gun when you are just about to it and never load your gun until it’s ready for use. Never use frozen paintballs in your paintball gun and after you are finished, immediately unload your gun. If your paintball gun requires cocking, only cock the gun once you have selected your target. If you are under the influence of alcohol or even drugs (which is illegal for those that do not already know), never handle a paintball gun.

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