Really very dissapointed tm unifi

I register through an agent the unfi then he told me this service will I install after 2 day so I start to wait untill November still nth happen so I find the agent again for the newest information. Then he told me the service will install at December so I wait again untill now still nth happen now I find the agent no reply at all. Anyway I email to the tm unifi customer service more *** ing diu I ask when my area have the unifi service that ppl reply me all really a shit just keep on ask me to register 1st that I time I already register why all of the tm worker keep on ask customer to register register so *** ing diu I just wan know when the service will come is tha really hard all tm worker don have the I formation? Then u this tm worker work wat like police just take salary and do nth easy thing only pls la already 4 month already why keep on like this still don have any update information no c tm worker come for cabling also *** you

sheena Asked on October 8, 2015 in Complaints.
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