Property investment; How to choose the right property for you

One of the best advice that is frequently used by estate agents is location, location and of course location. And without a doubt this tip is very true, you may know which country you want to live in but let’s take this to a smaller scale; have you thought exactly where, should it be in the suburbs, the city centre or the village. After you have determined where you want to live. It is best recommended that you do some research about that particular area first and some of the things that you may want to consider are the environment, how is the area like, if you are moving to an area that you are not familiar with then it is best that you visit that area several times a day and even during the weekends. 

Is the place convenient enough for your needs such as stores to do shopping and if you have children, are there any parks or playground for them. And speaking of children, what about schools, are there any schools in that particular area and how are the schools like. You may need to do some of your own investigation regarding the crime rate in that area and you can do this by visiting the local police station and asking them about the crime rate there. When you compare the price of the houses with that of the surrounding areas, determine whether it is actually worth it and finally check on the council tax bands in that area.
Now that you have looked into the specific area that you are interested in living, the next step is to consider the type of property that will suit your own needs as well as your budget. There are many types of houses such as a flat, semi-detached house, detached and terrace, look into these types of houses in detail to determine the one that will suit you. Other things that may play a factor in your decision making are; do you require a garden or do you require something that does not need the type of maintenance? Do you want a house that you can do your own remodeling or do you want one that has already been furbished? 

Once all these decisions are made about the area you want to live in as well as the type of property that you are interested in, now you will need to determine as what you should look for in a house. You should remind yourself as to not get carried away when you see a house that you like as the property agent can sense this and use it to their advantage, if possible try to remain unemotional. When you go to look at the houses, it is a good idea to take a pen and paper to jot down the details of the houses such as what you like and dislike. After visiting a dozen houses in a week, it may not be easy to recall the details of some of the houses.

Compose yourself so that you can remain focus, getting carried away will only hurt you in the end. When you go to look at the houses you are basically doing inspection on the house such as the plumbing, electrical system and so on. If you get carried away you may not be able to identify the poor properties, but it is always better to get a professional surveyor that may be able to help weed out some of the problems which you may not have notice before. 
So take your time, rushing things will not be beneficial for you in the long run and worst of all the agents can use this to their advantage.


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