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Paintball is one of the extreme sports which are being played by groups of people either in teams or individually. The concept of the game is to eliminate the opponents by ‘tagging’ them. This is done through capsules that are shot through special-made guns that contain water soluble dye with an enclosure made from gelatin shell. These capsules are known as paintballs which is where the sport got its name from.

The so-called gun is known as the paintball gun where it is a very popular sport and being played in regional and international leagues and tournaments. Today, the technologies adopted in paintball are being used in professional situations that include military forces, law enforcement while they are used for simulation purposes as well.

One of the reasons why paintball is such a popular game is because it encouraged teamwork while offering the type of military excitement to the player. There are several major types of paintball games which encompass the likes of elimination, capturing the opponent’s flags, defending or attacking the area as well as some which have ammunition limitations.

Games can be played on very hard floors in indoor fields, or outdoor fields of varying sizes. A game field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for tactical cover. Game types in paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days in scenario play.

Other common rules that are applied to paintball include imposing certain time limits while players are usually required to wear customized protective gear and masks to avoid any injury to the body. The fundamental concept of this game is to use the capsules to tag the opponent where it will break upon impact and leave a splash of color on the surface which proves that the person has been eliminated.

Paintball Marker

A paintball marker is referred to the piece of equipment which is used in this game. It is the primary equipment where the player needs to tag the opponents. Paintball markers are often referred to as paintball guns because they look like a real gun. The marker will have a loader where paintballs are fed in either through an electronic force-fed system or a gravity-fed system.

Paintball markers range from the common and general purpose devices to some high-end and very specialized ones which are more expensive. Most paintball venues provide rental of paintball markers while some allow the more serious paintball players to use their own.


Airsoft is a type of game which follows a similar concept like Paintball although they are both different. The similarity is where participants try to eliminate their opponents through using special firearm equipment called Airsoft guns. These guns are able to shoot spherical non-metallic pellets in which players adopt different styles of play that include short-term skirmishes, military simulations and even historical reenactments which is not as common in paintball.

The difference between Paintball and Airsoft is mainly in the bullets used. The former uses capsules which would break on contact while the latter uses pellets that do not. Both games use different equipment to play while they both originated from the game of tagging.

Paintball Venues

In Malaysia, there are several paintball venues which are commonly frequented by players. Below are some of the popular ones

  • Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil
  • Cyberjaya Paintball Park at Kelab Komuniti Tasik Cyberjaya
  • Sunway Extreme Park in Sunway
  • Kombat Zone Paintball in Taman Melawati
  • Splatzone in Taman Melawati
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Hi guys, I am a new member here and new to this paintball game.
Where is the best field to play?I am staying in Taman Melati Gombak. Thanks

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