Paintball Equipment Maintenancee

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Marker maintenance

Markers must be properly and consistently preserved in order to maintain reliability and longevity. It must be disassembled for routine checks. For instance, it is common that the O-Ring breaks and also common that paintballs break from within the barrel. Usually when the paintballs break inside the barrel while engaging in play, the player will use a pipe cleaner referred to as the squeegee.

Usually, it is good practice to disassemble the marker after each game to clean every part that are affected using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning substance with a towel. After that, it must be lubricated using designated paintball liquid. As Firearm lubricants are petroluem based, it cannot be used to clean around the O-rings. Used only manufacturer recommended replacements.

Mask maintenance

Masks are essential safety equipments and also must be maintained with care. One thing to note though is that wiping paint off the lenses will cause scratches as it causes debris. Water and towel will be a better choice.

When using thermal lenses, the outer lens can only be applied using anti-fog material or water. The internal lens should only use microfiber cloth for wiping as they are specifically intended for such. One should use a spray bottle with water or using alcohol and water mixed before sprayed onto th lenses. It is recommended that the lenses be replaced once every year.

Paint to barrel matching

due to differing environments, paintballs might change its shapes and sizes. If it expands, it will break in the barrel, but if it shrinks, then it will not exude the maximum impact intended. Both situations causes inaccuracy in shooting and playing. To solve this problem, the velocity adjuster is adjusted.

To ensure a good paint-to-barrel match, first remove the barrel from the marker and place the paintball there. Ideally, one should blow through the barrel and the paintball will slide out. If it rolls out too easily or don’t roll out then it is clear that the paintball is either too big or too small.

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Hi all! i plan to buy paintball marker online because it is so damn cheap (around rm450 can get 1 marker and 1 mask) but is it possible for it to reach Malaysia safely or will it be hold at the custom because it is illegal? Anyone please tell me. Thanks!

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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