Men’s health, prostate gland and erectile dysfunction, what must we know?

Every man fear the worst when it comes to the body, erectile dysfunction. While this has been a medical condition affecting those above the age of 50, younger men are now experiencing this problem due to stress and the hectic lifestyle.

I know that ED is only one of the many other problems every man will face. A lot of elderly men today face problems like difficulty in urinating and this is because of the fact that people are not eating healthily anymore. The modern diet among men involves too much meat, dairy products like milk and cheese and those that contain too much saturated-fats found in processed foods like hamburgers and junk food.

Can somebody add more into how prostate gland affects a men’s health?

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Because of the hectic lifestyle and fatty foods, men at the younger age are experiencing problems like prostate gland inflammation that causes problems with urinating. If this problems is not treated in the soonest time possible, it could lead to more serious health conditions including prostate cancer which is now one of the highest killers among men worldwide. As such, it would be extremely crucial for men to ensure that there is sufficient intake of certain minerals that can help in improving prostate health and they are as follow:

Isoflavones – This is a similar agent as the female hormone estrogen and it helps to protect the cells from oxidative damage that the body is exposed to. Basically, Isoflavones are a type of antioxidant which older men will need in order to reduce this risk. Soy beans are known to be rich in isoflavones and because this is a very popular food in Asian countries, it has been found that Asian men are 5 times lesser in prostate cancer risks as compared to their Western counterparts.

Besides that, Isoflavones help to prevent prostate gland inflammation which in turn will reduce the likelihood of the adult man contracting this cancer as well.

Saw palmetto – This is a type of plant with medicinal properties and is commonly used in many communities. Saw palmetto has been scientifically proven to decrease enlarged prostates as well as its risks. It is used as a supplement in diet as well as for the treating of infections and inflammation in the prostate areas. Combined with several other types of herbs, saw palmetto is used for the treating of prostate cancer patients too.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by being active in sports, having healthy sex lifestyle and having lean muscles will make sure that your prostate is being well taken care of.

Answered on October 1, 2015.
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