Liver problem and liver cancer

Im so scared of liver cancer. Im overweight and I heard that fatty liver will turn into liver cancer. What must I consume to have a good liver and prevent fatty liver? No prescriptions please 🙂

How about Usana fibergy? How about milk thistle from the pharmacy stores? are they reliable? They are not cheap?

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Did you know that all the foods that you eat each day need to be filtered before they can be used by your body? This is the job of your liver which works overtime everyday in order for your food to be processed and converted into energy.

This means that if your liver is not working well, it will result in you feeling tired and fatigue all the time. If your liver is not efficient, then your body is not able to produce energy to sustain for the day which means you will feel tired all the time and this will lead to some very serious health conditions.

Your liver plays a crucial role for the overall health of your body. It is among the most hardworking organs in your body besides your heart and your brain. As such, your liver must constantly be in its optimal levels. Otherwise, your body will be weak and unable to fend off attacks. If your body is not protected, it can lead to Hepatitis A, B or C and even liver cancer.

Hence, you must ensure that your liver is given the protection it needs in order to break down foods all the time without compromising on its health. Only through this process can good minerals be retained and processed and unwanted foods are thrown away. Below are the nutrients that can enhance your liver health.

Milk Thistle – Liver protection and health is always linked with milk thistle. It is among the most popular nutrients that the liver uses to fight off attacks and inflammation through silymarin. Milk thistle has been used by doctors to treat all types of liver-related conditions like gallbladder disorders, liver cancer and in regulating cholesterol levels in your blood.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – To protect your liver from oxidative stress, Alpha Lipoic Acid plays a crucial role. It is a fat and water soluble powerful antioxidant which is used to cure diabetes and other liver conditions by doctors while it helps to strengthen the cells within the liver for better performance.

Turmeric Extract – This is a type of ginger commonly found in Indian spice diet. It has curcumin that suppresses the growth of certain types of tumor that can be cancerous. Besides that, it is anti-inflammatory which has been used to treat many types of chronic digestion and bowel problems.

Choline – This is a popular type of Vitamin B which helps to clear the fat residue that is left behind in the liver which if not flushed out could lead to cancer.

james Answered on October 7, 2015.
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