Is milk good for us and is it really good for our bones? Im quite skeptical.

I am health conscious and have been reading about milk, a lot of recommendations to drink at least 3 glasses of milk per day. However, I have come across that, unknown to many, there are actually dangers when you drink milk.

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The biggest concern here is where milk has become such a crucial part of the daily diet that production has now spiralled out of control. Manufacturers of milk are using all methods as competition is now higher than ever. In fact, the traditional source of milk through farming and aquiculture methods has not been able to meet the global demand for milk consumption. As such, producers are using all types of other methods including scientific ways to product milk in order to meet these demands.

The danger here is that in the production of milk, there would be synthetic estrogens involved. These are basically a type of fake hormones which have been found to be linked to cancer. According to scientific research, cow’s milk contains considerable amounts of female sex hormones and that could be very harmful for the body. Besides that, antibiotics are among those that are found in cow’s milk which could be channelled into your body when you consume this food.

For generations, Asian people have been known to be thinner as compared to their western counterparts. However, this has changed considerably in recent years as western food become more popular in the Asian continent like fast food and cheese-based dishes. The common dairy milk today contains allergenic proteins like casein and in today’s modern production lines have been sourced from genetically altered cows and found to cause health problems like diabetes and heart diseases.

In order to control the hormones in the body, bean-based drink and soy milk are the best which has been practiced in Asian communities for centuries. As such, it is becomes more important now to replace dairy foods with soy or bean based options as they can control male and female hormones better.

Answered on October 1, 2015.
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Try Usana’s Nutrimeal, it’s a meal replacement product which is specially formulated for you as the perfect replacement for milk-based foods. Nutrimeal comes in several flavours where they are all soy-based. This means that your body will no longer be depending on milk which could endanger your cells as mentioned.

Besides that, one serving of Nutrimeal in the morning will supply a balanced source of minerals that your body needs in a single meal. Your body will then break down the nutrition it needs and rejecting the bad food you consume in your preceding meals. Nutrimeal is designed to taste good and can be taken by everyone in the family, including the young ones.

johan Answered on October 2, 2015.
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