Im 16 and i wan to try vape. Should i do it?

Im 16, i smoked before at 15 for few cigarette and quit till now. Ive been wanting to smoke again but cigs are bad and vape is better than smoke. But i know both is not good, and i never vape before and i wanna try it. should i?

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Vape juice contains a lot of chemicals. Why would you want to start when  everybody is trying to stop? Give yourself a try in thousands of other good habits especially sports and you will have no worry about how to quit smoking later in your life.

Smokers die young due to the damages in their  body cells as our cells have certain life span. Take the lead, don’t follow your “cool” friends, they don’t really look good with the stick on their hands and smells in their breath. This is the best decisions you would have made in your life.

james Answered on February 28, 2016.
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