How to solve sleeping problems

Recent studies have shown that about 6 out of 10 adults in developed countries today suffer from some form of sleeping disorder or insomnia. This occurs a few nights a week and it can be very frustrating especially if you have a full day ahead of you. Sleeping disorders are no longer a rare condition as people are leading more hectic and stressful lives. Some has resorted to sleeping pills which have been proven to have side effects in the long term, especially to our brain.

Any good vitamins to solve this or is this due to any vitamin or mineral deficiency?

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Do you know that sleeping disorder can be cured without taking medication which can lead to memory loss and brain health conditions? All you need to do is to ensure that you have the important minerals in your daily diet or sourced from dietary supplements and you can overcome this problem very soon.

Calcium – It was found and published recently that calcium is directly linked to your sleeping cycle. Calcium levels in your body are actually higher at the deepest levels of your sleep like during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages and if your body do not have enough calcium during that stage, that is when you get easily disturbed or awaken the easiest. Besides that, calcium helps to balance your hormones in your body which will then inform your mind and body on the right time to rest and relax.

Magnesium – Besides calcium, magnesium is used to cure patients with insomnia. If you experience frequent awakenings in your sleep, chances are your body lacks magnesium. It has been recommended by dieticians to take high magnesium diet where it has already been found to be linked with deeper sleep which is less interrupted.

Melatonin – Melatonin is one of the most important agents in your body that helps you to sleep. It is a natural hormone that regulates your sleep and wake cycles throughout the day. Besides helping you to fall asleep and rest well, melatonin helps to improve your sleeping quality as well.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, before you go for the more heavy-duty medication or supplements that contain high levels of melatonin, try to include more calcium and magnesium into your diet.

Get enough Vitamin D3 which helps your body to absorb calcium and magnesium well.

Answered on October 7, 2015.
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