How to have the best cardiovascular and Heart Health?

Our heart is the most important organ in our  body simply because it keeps us alive. Our heart must operate at optimal levels at all times and slowing down is not and never a luxury. When we grow older, our heart’s efficiency will decrease. Because of this, we need to keep supplying our heart with the essential and right amount of minerals and vitamins.

Can anybody provide some detail information about the vitamins and minerals for our heart? How do they help us?

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Omega Oil – This is often referred to as fish oil and those with high omega-3 fatty acids are imperative in reducing triglyceride, which are one of the main causes of clogged arteries. In fact, it has been found that Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce up to 50% of the risk as well as regulate the blood pressure in the body.

Omega Oil must be formulated using small fish in deep sea which is clear from harmful metals and contamination.

CoQ10 – The CoQ10 enzyme plays an important role in regulating cell function and repair. CoQ10 helps to lower the blood pressure which then reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks considerably.

Vitamins – One of the best ways to enjoy holistic health is to ensure that your body receives a full spectrum of vitamins. This can be achieved through taking multivitamins supplements. Vitamin B and high contents of Resvaratrol help to reduce inflammation and helps to stop platelets from forming clots that can cause cardiovascular problems.

Grapeseed Extracts – It has been found that grapeseed extracts can help in blood circulation. The wonder of this extract is that while it regulates poor circulation, it cleans the blood stream along the way. Besides that, grapeseed extracts can aid in reducing swelling and reduce inflammation and its high volume of antioxidants helps to fend off the negative effects of free radicals that can cause various problems to the heart.

Try to consume Grapeseed extracts for the body which is made with a combination Vitamin C.

Calcium – Calcium contains Anticoagulants, a type of blood thinner which helps a lot for people with heart problems. In fact, it has been prescribed for patients with high blood pressure and those who are in the high-risk groups.

In order to obtain the recommended volume of calcium, you can do so through your daily diet where it is available in most dairy products as well as certain vegetables like broccoli, seaweed and small fishes.

Answered on October 1, 2015.
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You can obtain calcium from Usana’s Active Calcium Plus which is specially formulated to supply the needed calcium for your body that functions as a blood thinner as well as to promote teeth and bone health.

johan Answered on October 2, 2015.
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