How does prize winnings work in 4d or Toto?

There are so many types of winnings in 4d or toto. Are there only first, second and third and also the consolation? How about special prize?

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As mentioned, there are typically 3 different companies that offer 4D gaming in Malaysia while 2 additional ones in Sabah and Sarawak. All the companies offer similar types of 4d gaming winnings so if you understand one, you would possibly understand all the different types of winnings and game play available. In all the games provided for by these companies, all of them offers First, Second, Third, Special and Consolation prizes respectively, all of which are the same in terms of winnings.

Where this is concerned, the prize winnings for every RM1 are as follow:

4d Big Forecast:

First Prize : RM2,500

Second Prize: RM1,000

Third Prize: RM500

Special Prize : RM200

Consolation Prize: RM60

Small Forecast

First Prize: RM3,500

Second Prize: RM2,000

Third Prize: RM1,000

There will be no winnings for Special and Consolation prizes in the 4d Small Forecast categories.

In terms of permutations, most of the companies offer their own unique names which comes in the following:

Magnum : mBox

Sports Toto : iPERM

Da Ma Cai : iBox

Sandakan 4D : Box

Sabah 4D : n/a

james Answered on October 7, 2015.
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Your 4D Ticket

Whenever you place with any of the companies, you will be given a 4d ticket. This is the 4d ticket by which it states all the information you need. The most important information you will find in your ticket would be the numbers that you have placed and the amount that you have paid for.

On top of that, there are other vital information like the date of draw, a 4d Draw ID (which identifies which draw it is) as well as the indications of the Big and Small forecasts you have placed on. There s also a serial number which contains unalterable information about the details of your purchase. Ensure that you have kept this ticket properly as damaged tickets will forfeit your winnings if your number is drawn.

johan Answered on October 7, 2015.
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