Disappointed with Unifi!

I am really disappointed to unifi! For both product and customer service! For the product,  it is sucks. I stayed double storey house where my modem and router located on my 1st floor master room,  but the connection is only limit to 1st floor near to the master room area,  slow connection in my other rooms and the worst part is, totally no connection on my ground floor.

Then i called to customer service. Another story for customer service,  the way of the customer service is rude, no product knowledge and not professional at all. Just claimed that  it is customer problem, setting problem,  etc…without clarification! WHEN I TOLD HER THE SETTING IS IN ORDER BUT STILL CANNOT CONNECT, SHE SAID UNIFI NEED TO CHARGE ME RM 50 FOR SERVICES CHARGE IF COME MY HOUSE TO FIX IT. what the ??!!!

sheena Asked on October 8, 2015 in Complaints.
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