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Paintball is a sport where players eliminate their opponents by firing paintballs from a paintball gun that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2). The paintball guns are also commonly known as markers. The bolt in the guns will force the ball to bounce from it. The game was played in the woods when it was first created. However, games can now be played indoors and outdoors. The games are much more excited to be played in the outdoors.

Outdoor locations such as jungle, woods and fields give the players a wider space to hide from opponents to increase the intense feeling. To increase the excitement for the game, the fields are usually fill with a variety of trucks, tires and other huge forts as a perfect hide-away from opponents. The inflatable is a newly invented type of obstacles. These obstacles vary in size and colour such as bunkers and huge snake cones. The inflatable are safe and can be move around easily. Therefore, it is becoming more popular as it also adds to a field’s appearance.

Paintball guns can be divided into pistols, electronic, pumps, semi-automatics, and stock paintball guns. As pistols are powered with 12 grams of carbon dioxide cartridges, these small pocket markers are handy but it is mostly used as a back-up gun only. Electronic guns are run by a computer chip. When the players pull the trigger, the guns can fire more than 3 balls therefore making it the best marker among those 5 types. Pumps are the cheapest gun among the 5 main types listed. Its cocking mechanism works similar as the pump-action shotguns. Players have to “pump” the balls into the chamber. One of the biggest draw that pulls the player to use pumps is that it can be very accurate at its aiming point.

Semi-automatics functions as fast as the players pull its triggers. Due to the speed of the gun, semi-automatics are expensive but it is also the most popular marker. Stock guns are less powerful compared to other markers as it can only hold 10 paintballs. Players who use this marker can be easily defeated by their opponents. Among the largest markers producers are “Angel”, “Tippmann”, “Spyder”, “Brass Eagle”, “Autococker” and many more.

Before you start a game, players need to choose a good but yet affordable paintball. Besides that, players are also required to find the best marker in the market considering their budget. 32 Degrees Icon X Paintball Marker is affordable for most of the players. However, for those who would like to purchase a long-lasting marker, eliminate this model from your list as players can only use it a couple of times before it worns out. JT-TAC 5 Recon Paintball Marker is a good marker considering its affordable and reasonable price. Kingman Spyder 07 Sonix Paintball Gun Value Pack is the best deal that includes Kingman Spyder 07 Sonix Paintball Gun, Kingman 200 round Loader, Kingman V-Type Paintball Goggle, Kingman 12 oz Co2 Paintball Tank and Squeegee, Barrel Plug and Parts Kit, and Manual.

Tippmann 98 Custom and Spyder Pilot manufacture superb paintball guns. Considering the Tippmann 98 Custom ACT Paintball Gun’s low price, it is good as it is reliable and can be upgraded to a high-end marker. Spyder Pilot is your best choice for a good and cheap electronic gun. However, Tippmann 98 Custom is better than Spyder Pilot in terms of its engineering. Another popular marker among the players is the autococker. This smooth firing autococker is made of aluminium. When the player pulls the trigger, the compressed air will rush through the bolt and the paintball will bounce towards the desired target. The marker will recocks automatically as the air pushes back the bolt in it. Recocking refers to inserting another paintball into the space of the already shot one in the chamber. Auto-cocker is available in a variety of colours, sizes, brands and many more. One of the best features for auto-cocker is that these markers are highly upgradeable from bolts, grips, rods, springs to the valves.

First-time players need to know about the safety tips on this sport to avoid accidents. One of the crucial safety equipment is the barrel plug. The plug covers the end of a marker to prevent the ball from being expelled by accident. Safety catch is another must-have feature in the guns. Safety catch refers to a physical or electronic device that keeps the gun from shooting when it is not in use. Players need to wear three basic safety gear; paintball goggles, mask and pads. Players can’t play on the field without goggles. These equipments are important as it will help prevent injuries. Players need to follow a few safety guidelines to avoid accidents. To play the game, players need to wear the designated protective gear. Never fire a paintball at others outside of a field compound. Do not shoot the other players at close range.

If paintball materials are sprayed into your eyes, wash it thoroughly with clean water or saline solution. Do not rub the infected eyes and make sure you consult your physician as soon as possible for safety precautions. Pressurize the marker only when you intend to use it. Unload it right away when you are done. Never cock a gun before you have a selected target. Use only non-toxic and water soluble paintballs. Familiarize yourself with the markers mechanism before using it. Avoid frostbite by keeping your exposed flesh away from leaking CO2. To leave the game, remove the paintballs and then proceed to take out the CO2 cylinder. A reminder to all the players, never ever look into the paintball gun barrel. It is extremely dangerous to do so.

When the game was first invented, the paintballs used are sponge soaked balls. The modern paintballs have changed. The ball is a capsule with thin gelatine skin as a cover. This gelatin skin stains the players when it reaches the selected target. The balls have a seam and they vary from balls to balls as balls produced by the manufacturer are either too small or too big. The balls are filled with ‘paint’ with a mixture of Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol and colour dye. Some of the balls are also filled with wax. Propylene Glycol is used as cells can absorb it easily. Sorbitol prevents the liquid in the ball from drying out. As these are non-toxic and water soluble ingredients, it can be easily washed off using hot water and soap. Some balls contain wax as it thickens other ingredients in it.

There are a few tips to protect your paintballs from damages. Store them in a dry environment with a temperature of 60 C. High temperatures can blow up the balls. Besides, the balls can puff up if it is placed in a hot place. Players who want to win over their opponents need to prepare themselves before a game. Plan a winning strategy to avoid any mistakes during the game. Study the opponent team’s strength and weaknesses as you can work with your own team’s advantage. For example, fire to eliminate the strongest players in your opponent’s team in the beginning. Shoot the weak players after getting rid of the strong ones.

Choose your skill set that will help your team. For example, if you are a skill shooter, use your skill wisely. And if you can run faster than most of your teammates, move to the front of your team. One of the most important strategies in the game is movement. Move to gain a better view on the opponent’s team. Shift to a position where you can get a full view on your opponents without being seen. If you fail to fire your opponent after few tries, then move to another position. Be alert with the movements around the battle field.

Another helpful strategy that will help you to win a game is pinching. Pinching refers to an action whereby players attack their opponents from both sides of their opponent’s bunker. As the player is forced to get out of their hiding, you can eliminate them easily. Shoot at any exposed items regardless of a gun, visor, hopper or feet. An effective strategy to protect yourself as well as to eliminate your opponents is to shoot while you are moving around. Maintain your gun as level as possible. Run slowly from side to side in order to shoot a target accurately. When your opponents are running shoot in front of them as he/she will move into your path of shooting.

And finally, terrains such as tree and hills are important as a team can start from base of a hill and slowly climb up the hilltop. Peek to take a good look on available targets. Then, quickly fall flat on your belly for protection. Fool your opponent by firing him or her from one side while your other teammate takes the opportunity to eliminate this opponent. This strategy requires co-operation among your teammates. To keep your opponents from a surprise attack on you, find bunkers with good back shield.

All in all, players need to follow the above safety guidelines. However, the tips and strategies are suggestions for the players to win a game. After all, the purpose of involving yourself in this game is to have fun. Winning or losing is not the main concern in this game.

shroom Asked on October 8, 2015 in Paintball.
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Hye guys,I’m just a newbie but I’m planning to take up this sport if anyone who wants to form a team or anyone finding a player for their team,I’m here =). Since I’m a rookie,please expect errors n some blurness out of me.cheers guys

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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hey guys
i want to asking.
i just want to start serious playing paintball.before this i already play around 10-15 times.main suka2 je la.
right now nak start main serious la.
what type of marker yang suitable dengan saya?? any opinion? minat dengan barang2 planet eclipse tapi dengar mahal how? saya nak 1 set complete. budget around 2k-3k.any opinion??

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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