Can someone guide me on how to have optimum bone health?

I know calcium is very important for bone health. Is there any other important vitamins and minerals or factors I need to know about having optimum bone health? How do Magnesium and Vitamin D helps as well? I heard that drinking a lot of milk will actually cause calcium loss in our bone. How true is this?

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Did you know that your bone holds up your entire body so that you can walk, sit and sleep well? The last thing you want is for your bones to lose its strength and density where you will be exposed to problems like osteoporosis, more popularly known as porous bones. As you grow older, this is bound to happen and you will need all the minerals to continue strengthening your bone and teeth structures. Here are some minerals you will need.

Calcium – Calcium is the most important mineral your bone needs and this has been cultivated in you even as a child. You are given milk, the highest source of calcium the moment you are born and you continue to take this throughout life. While you might not be drinking milk per se, you will be taking dairy food as an adult which has high contents of calcium. It is recommended that an adult gets 1,000mgs of calcium daily while female would need 1,2000mgs per day. Women who are experiencing menopause will require more calcium because their bones are more porous then. Besides building of your bones and teeth, calcium is required to help regulate the nerve system while it helps to curb inflammation too.

Vitamin D – Not many people knows this but Vitamin D would be one of the most important nutrients your body needs because it helps your body to absorb all the minerals and nutrients it gets from foods and nutrients. Without Vitamin D, a lot of these minerals go into waste as they are not broken down properly. For your bone to absorb the calcium and magnesium, Vitamin D plays an important role where it helps to channel them into to blood stream as well.

Magnesium – Magnesium is another mineral that will help your body to build the bone and teeth structure. This mineral helps to build the firmness of the bone density so that it does not break too easily as you approach mid-life while it helps in the absorption of calcium to your bones as well.

Active Calcium from Usana

The most perfect supplement is one which contains all of the minerals mentioned above and that is what you get when you take Active Calcium from Usana. It has the recommended amount of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 which means that 1 tablet will give your body all it needs each day to ensure your bone and teeth are strong.

Active Calcium is specially formulated to help your body absorb the minerals which ensures that your bones do not suffer even as you reach mid-life and old age which is when bones tend to be at their weakest. Besides that, the Vitamin D3 in Active Calcium helps to neutralize the acidic environment when your body is stressed which often results in calcium loss.

Apart from that, seaweed and small fishes provide good source of natural calcium as well.

Answered on October 1, 2015.
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Try Active Calcium from Usana

The most amazing fact about Usana’s Active Calcium is that it contains the right amount of the 3 main minerals required for bone and teeth health, namely Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium. It makes this dietary supplement the perfect option for anyone. Whether you are in the adolescent years, adult or aging, Active Calcium will help your body to receive the right amount of calcium and the appropriate absorption rate.

Vitamin D3 in Active Calcium will transport calcium into the bone and silicone which will help to repair any damage in your bones. This will because the daily stress that the body experiences will result in calcium loss. The body will try to neutralize the acidic environment due to this stress and calcium is extracted as a result.

sazzy Answered on October 7, 2015.
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