Can name the most haunted places in Malaysia?

Most people loves ghost stories. Some are afraid as they might get nightmares while there are those who loves listening to the stories, especially if they are true accounts while there are those who chases after horror movies, the scarier the better. These days, the silver screen is always filled with horror movies especially those from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Of late, Malaysian movie makers have also rode in with the wave of popularity where the latest movie entitled ‘Karak’ sets to tell some of the horror stories told about the Karak highway, which to many is known to have quite a lot of reported sightings of the supernatural in many ways.
In Malaysia, a lot of ghost stories come from urban legends although a lot of pre-war schools too have their own set of stories as they were used by the Japanese during their occupation in Malaya. Some of the schools have been used as prisons, hospitals and even body dumping grounds which explains why such sightings are common. Apart from that, old wives tales and traditional ghost stories too have been told over the years and it remains as one of the unique traits of any given community in Malaysia.

To start off with the list. I know KL plaza is extremely haunted.


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People has been using the Sepang road to get from the Klang Valley to Port Dickson. Of course nowadays there are new expressway including the Port Dickson Expressway. The Sepang road is very much a short cut of some kind but it is also a dark and lonely stretch. One lady gave her account that as she was travelling back to Kuala Lumpur with her boyfriend using the Sepang stretch, she was bored so decided to play with the camera on her mobile phone.

It was night time and the road was very dark as there were not much road lights along and as she was playing around with the camera, she caught a glimpse of a backseat through the rear view mirror at the side of the car. She was stunned when she saw a lady figure sitting on the back seat. She was playfully toying around and the sudden quietness prompted her boyfriend to ask her what was wrong. The figure did not move and was just sitting there quietly and when they approached a brightly lit place that she decided to tell her boyfriend. It was later found that the Sepang stretch is a place where there has been various sightings of the ‘passenger’.

sheena Answered on October 1, 2015.
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One hospital which many have accounts of ghost sightings or supernatural beings in the Taman Desa Hospital in Taman Desa along Old Klang Road. One individual who after sustaining an injury and had to stay in the hospital for a period of time gave his account where he said that he experienced mysterious noises and people in the hospital.

Every night, he could hear the sound of children playing and laughing outside the corridor of his room where he did not investigate although he was curious on why kids were allowed to roam and play in the late hours of the night. One day, a lady who was admitted to the hospital complained to the nurse but was told that there were no noises heard.

The individual also reported that he saw a man who was always ‘visiting’ the bed next to him. He saw the man every night but did not spoke t him although he had always smiled. Only when his partner told him that there was no one there that it occur to him that it might be a ghost. He never saw that man again ever since then.

sheena Answered on October 1, 2015.
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