Can guide me on the transport and roads in Penang?

I know penang is quite small. Can guide me on the public transport and roads in penang?

james Asked on September 30, 2015 in Route & Transport.
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Among all the states in Malaysia, Penang has perhaps one of the best transportation systems. Hence, travelling around Penang is very easy and convenient. If you want a hassle free vacation when going around Penang, the best way is to take taxis which are easily available around the island.

Buses – Operated by Rapid Penang, the public bus service in Penang is modern and very convenient. There are signboards around Penang that will tell you which bus to take and which route to take. This however will need a little use to but if you are not in a rush, taking the Rapid Penang bus can be quite an adventure

CAT – The Central Area Transit is a free shuttle bus service offered by Penang. This bus service is offered to promote better commuting for the general public while you can hop on and hop off at the prominent landmarks around the island like KOMTAR and other major attractions.

Self-Drive – You can rent a vehicle to get around Penang where the major places are all easily reached via road. However, driving in the island can be quite challenging if you are not used to the Asian driving style. In fact, Penang is known to have its own type of drivers while you will surely get to know the roads after a while. As mentioned, taking taxis can be very convenient but costlier than any other types of transport.

Trishaws – This is a very unique way to get around Penang. You will be going around on the open-fronted three-wheel vehicle which is one of the most traditional transportation modes here. Going round on trishaws is very exciting because you can take your own sweet time without having to worry about traffic jams. In most cases, you can discuss the fare with the operator who will bring you to most of the major landmarks of Penang.

haydenl Answered on September 30, 2015.
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