Armotech Paintball Guns

Another big name in the world of paintball is Armotech they are the ones that distribute the guns in America since October of 2003. These guns are considered by many to be very reliable as well as great looking with its modern design. The markers manufactured by Armotech are divided into 3 groups according to their specific usage, for example there is the speedball, the backup-pistols and war games.

Very similar to that of paintball is speedball and Armotech has decided to cash in on the opportunity by producing weapons for the activity. The guns are from a special production of the company called the Speedball Series. These types of guns are different from the paintball guns as these markers perform at the highest level not to mention that they are very reliable and easy on the eyes.

The other type of gun produced by Armotech is the one used in paintball war games and these are manufactured under the Sim-4 Series, for those that are not familiar with the line of guns they used to be known as Armotech WG65 series. But now Armotech is only producing guns under the brand new Sim-4 trademark and these paintball guns are made specifically Police and Military training scenarios. This basically means that the guns are of extreme solid construction and they also require minimal maintenance.

Another great feature about the guns made by Armotech is that they are very accurate which something that is very rare for paintball guns. They are actually powered with CO2 or rather pressured air tanks and the rear velocity adjustment makes the Sim-4 series paintball guns acceptable for almost every field. These guns are not toys and are the finest replica markers that are currently available in the market, so you should avoid carrying them around in public areas as you may seriously hurt someone. Another thing is that the guns can be very deceiving in appearance and the last thing you want is to be surrounded by a squad of policemen who have genuine guns pointing at you.

The last line of products produced by Armotech is the Pistols, however according to their website these specific lines of paintball guns are no longer in production. They used to be manufactured under the Zues Series and as mentioned they are no longer being produced, however if you still want to purchase these particular guns you can try to look for the used ones. Currently they have been replaced by the Sim-4 Series that were explained earlier. These guns were very stylish and simple to use, they were frequently used as back-up paintball guns if compared to the range of guns that are out there in the market. The guns are powered by a single CO2 air pressured tank that can be changed which would come in handy especially in tournaments. However the guns do have some disadvantage such as they cannot be upgraded as compared to other type of paintball guns of the same type and they also do not have that special rubber grip that provides comfort when holding onto the gun when you are on the field.

This basically means that Armotech produces paintball guns in a good variety of models and they are of exceptional quality. So no matter what level you are at you will surely find a paintball gun to suit your needs.

shroom Asked on October 8, 2015 in Paintball.
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Cheap gun parts for sale

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shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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Is there any good paintball store in KL? Can you recommend me some?

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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hi there i from rawang….
tommorow first time i play it… actually i know this game long taime but no time to play it coz outstation

so can u tell me where can ge this item at kl..
thanks bro

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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