Any true and healthy weight loss solution besides taking pills?

Im against those pills fpr weight loss. Any natural ways to have a healthy weight loss? 3 KG in a week is good enough.

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Dieting involves a lot of effort and it becomes very damaging if you get into a wrong programme. In fact, most types of diet programmes in the market today comes with high-protein plans which are supposed to make you feel more full and minimizes your appetite.

In taking these programmes, you are not aware that taking too much protein is actually very bad for your kidney and in the long term, while you might experience some form of weight loss, you could be at risk of kidney-related problems which are extremely painful and very difficult to cure.

As such, you must ensure that the diet programme you are using is a healthy one with no additional harm to your body and one that lasts for a long time.

An Effective Diet Programme

What makes a diet programme effective? The most important factor is that the plan is feasible which means that you will have no problem adopting it to your usual lifestyle. Besides that, a plan which is effective will not deprive your body off the important minerals and nutrients it needs and must be balanced so that you will not suffer any type of deficiency in the long run.

james Answered on October 7, 2015.
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I recommend you to try Usana Reset Weight Management programme

The Usana Reset Weight Management programme is the perfect plan you can use if you want to lose weight while enjoying the best of health. This programme has a simple concept and runs for 12 weeks. After that, you will be guaranteed to be healthier and lighter. You can continue using the same plan as you progress and then lead a healthy lifestyle forever.

The Usana Reset programme replaces your meals with Usana foods which are specially formulated to give your body the nutrients it needs. In fact, when you take Usana foods like Nutrimeal, you are replacing a meal with the food shakes which come with a balanced blend of minerals and vitamins. If you take the usual foods in your other meals during the day, Nutrimeal will reject the bad foods so that they are not absorbed into your body.

The first 5 days of the Reset programme is the most crucial where you need to watch your diet closely and once you complete this stage, you can choose which phase is most suitable for your lifestyle based on the Reset guidelines.

This is because Reset reduces your carbohydrate cravings and reduces your appetite with a low glycemic index of 23. Nutrimeal is made to give your body more energy and better digestive health with high-fiber ingredients. For every serving of Nutrimeal you take, you will enjoy 8gms of dietary fiber, 15gms of soy and whey as well as other proteins that can energize your body.

This is not an advertisement or spam, just some information sharing to all members here. Hope this helps 🙂

Answered on October 7, 2015.
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