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Govnair was an ambitious project by a barely known company five years ago – it was a paintball gun that used an air system. Like many products that first entered the market the paintball gun had experienced some problems, however in the end the company managed to solve the problem and in the end, Angel became a huge success.

The success of this particular system spread quickly throughout the world and instantly made the producer of the product famous. The manufacturer’s name is WDP (Angel) based in England. Without a doubt Angel produces some of the most sophisticated paintball guns in the world, but the success at that particular time is nothing compared to what they are experiencing nowadays.

After the company gained the unexpected and great success with the Govnair, Angel then decided to venture into the business of making paintball markers. They basically took paintball guns to the next level by completely reinventing them as a whole. The paintball guns that are manufactured by Angel put great attention on quality, the design as well as the mechanics of the gun that many consider the paintball guns made by Angel to be the most reliable as well as best performing paintball markers.

You would know that a product is truly great when everyone wants to have one and that is what Angel is trying to achieve with their paintball markers. They want everyone and anyone who plays paintball to own an Angel paintball gun whether you are an experienced player or not. But what is so special about these particular paintball guns as compared to the rest that are out there in the market currently. Here are some explanations of the features that one might find on the guns and to make it clearer we shall be looking at the latest product of Angel marker known as the Angel LCD.

Now let us first look at the trigger located on the paintball gun, the trigger is controlled using electronics and there are 3 firing modes to choose from. You can actually adjust the sensitivity of the trigger and the gun can fire up to 15 shots per second. You will be hitting your targets in no time with such rapidity with one press you will be firing 15 shots within one second. However the only that will stop you from actually pulling this off is the computer chip located in the paintball gun. It is recommended that you only use this particular mode only when you are in the field where electronic markers are allowed and when your opponents do not mind you using it.

This because when you use that mode of firing (15 shots per second) the rate at which the paintball gun releases the pellets are extremely powerful that they can actually seriously hurt the opponents. If you still want to use such a method while you are on the field you can switch the rate so that the gun fires at a slower rate, for examples instead of the 15 shots per second choose the 10 or even 7 shots per second? This way it will still be just as effective but without the potential danger that is posed to everyone that is on the field. While you may be disappointed that you are unable to use the full capabilities that can be found in the gun, there are many other great features that will compensate for that. If that is not enough to satisfy you, the paintball gun can be upgraded to your specification on how you want it to turn out.

There are few paintball guns out there in the market currently that is unable to compare with the ones that are manufactured by Angel. The latest and more modern guns can be considered to be closer to the Angel buy honestly they are still far from what you would expect from the Angel made guns.

shroom Asked on October 8, 2015 in Paintball.
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1 .im thinking of buying between a5 and bt delta elite. which one is better?

2. for both speed and woods…what is the best marker can be used for both? it is just for fun, not for the trnmnt of coz? any idea guys?

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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Hello semua,

Was wondering if u guys could help on some intel on Paintball Valley Bukit Cerakah. Heard that place is nice, with good maps. My team is fairly new, we’ve played at a few parks but mostly Canyon Paintball, which I think is a fun place, with professional and friendly operators/marshall. So at most time, CP is my benchmark when evaluating other parks. So far, the ones we’ve been to like PB Kajang, Mudtrekker, Dusun Ali King, Splatzone gagal to compare with CP (very subjective, I know laaaa.. just my opinion).

OK, for Valley:

(i)what’s the fees like? (a) people with own equipment, ada field charge? (b) how much per box? (c) what’s the cost for loose bags?

(ii)how about other facilities? toilet or shower place? Never been to Bukit Cerakah, but heard have to park outside park, and take shuttle bus to Valley. How long is the commute/waiting?

(iii)Valley use HPA, CO2 or both?

(iv)what kind of game they run there? i.e. capture flag etc?

Thanks in advance for your input! Terima kasih daun keladi…:)



shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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Salam kengkawan semua….

Terutama skali pd Pian & Arils aku kena trus terang dgn korang…aku rase aku x dpt nk join team speedball kite..
Aku x pnah bgtau korang lg sbnrnye..ayah aku accident motor bln 12 thn lpas around krismas…mmg truk keadaan dia…multi fractured dr tulang kering/keting kaki kanan smpai tulang pinggul…

Aku wat mase ni every early & end of every month kena bwk dia gi PPUM for fisiotherapy…kdg2 appointment dia pun x tentu gak…dlm sebulan tu ade gak la 3 kali kena dtg..
Ape aku maksudkan dlm keluarga aku skang ni cuma tggal aku sorang anak dia yg kena bwk dia dan uruskan segala urusan hospitality dgn mak aku..maybe aku x bleh nk konsentret kat team kite…nk harap adik aku mmg xdelah coz dia pun dh ade anak bini..anak kecik lg..

Aku xnk nnt aku iye2 sgt dgn korang last2 aku yg xde…so mmg baik aku trus terang dgn korang…nk aku tulis sms panjang giler..dgn cara ni jelah aku bleh bgtau sbb dlm forum ni pun ramai kengkawan kite yg biase kat k-klub…
Sorry la kengakawan semua…aku pun x mintak benda2 ni terjadi kat kluarga aku…

Regards From Apocalypto aka Ewann members of K-Klub Paintball…

shroom Answered on October 8, 2015.
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