The Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun – looks outdated but very powerful
Just when you thought that those old monochrome looking cell phones are no longer in trend, think again. This is because the folks from Security Products in Disguise have given the design a whole new reason to exist.

Called the Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun, it looks just like any other average mobile phone without all the gizmos and apps because they keep it simple and makes it look exactly like those phones which you used to carry 10 years ago. But it is actually a 5 million volt stun gun!! Think about that.

This will surely give you the peace of mind whenever you need to walk around the lonely parking space to reach your car or when you have to go out at night to buy something off the convenience store. It is easy to carry and operate where it comes with a full colour display screen and if it is used on the attacker, it sends the short-circuit straight into the nervous system which gives you ample to time to either give him a few kicks before running off.

High Voltage Self Protection Gun

At 5 million volts, the current will be activated upon contact with the body of the attacker and is able to penetrate even thick clothing which means that even if the attacker is wearing a few layers of clothes, the electricity will still get through. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can be easily loaded through the wall-plug sockets while it has a safety switch and a flashlight too.

Stun guns are not easily available everywhere and are even banned in certain countries but with such a nice camouflage like this, it would surely catch the attackers without them being aware, after all, how harmful can an outdated looking and old cell phone be? The answer is, VERY!