Where is Endah Parade shopping complex?

Where is this shopping complex? I heard that there is a famous toy and hobby store and Aeon big is located here as well. Any other special shops?

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At the foot of the township is Endah Parade, a 7 storey shopping mall that houses a hypermarket (Carrerfour Sri petaling), a fitness gym(MyFitness), YogaClub, Futsal courts, karaoke center(Ebox karaoke), Kopitiams and other shops. Other shops include foodstalls, fast food chains(KFC, macdonalds, Esquire Kitchen, Ayamas, Teppanyaki, Shakey’s Pizza and more), apparels and shoes boutiques and book shops, Crystal, Games, reflexology, Avon and more.

Endah Parade’s anchor tenant include Aeon Big, formerly Carrefour, Macdonalds, KFC, Guardian Pharmacy, Esquire Kitchen, Ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant and more.

New badminton courts have just being launched by our national players. The rate is quite competitive with all new facilities.

Next to Endah parade is the new complex named Endah Promenade. Anchor tenants include Coffee Bean and few more.

Management Office Address:
No.1, Jalan 1/149E, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia ·

Tel 603-95430100

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Mama Treble Clef Studio / Guitar Empire

Located within the Endah Parade Shopping Centre in Sri Petaling is the Mama Treble Clef Studio or Guitar Empire. Here is where a one-stop centre for all musical instrument needs are catered for that include a music school, a store as well as a recording studio. The Mama Treble Clef Studio is also one of the major musical instrument importers in Malaysia that offers a wide range of instrument brands in its store.

The Mama Treble Clef Studio was formed in 2003 by 2 very enthusiastic music lovers Ray Lee and Allicia Lim. It started off as a small operation that teaches music with a rehearsal studio where it has since grown to become one of the major music instrument businesses today. Today, the Mama Treble Clef Studio is one of the few serious players in the industry and is also one of the few with the largest guitar collections around, which is where its Guitar Empire name came about. Apart from the usual musical instruments services, the Mama Treble Clef Studio also offer other performing arts services like a stage and a dance hall while they also offer a cafe in their premises for the enjoyment of the customers.

The Mama Treble Clef also holds music classes like guitar and drums for its customers where since its relocation now offers more than 17,000 square feet of space to house these activities. It is the official dealer for the JodyJazz mouthpieces that include the likes of saxophones, clarinets and flutes as well as other woodwind instruments while they also distribute and sell their own in-house brands like President, Vostok guitars and Slash Guitars. On top of that, Mama Treble Clef Studio also sells many types of musical instrument accessories like guitar straps, instrument stands, pedal effects, headphones and others too.

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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E-Box Family KTV Endah Parade

The E-Box Family KTV is perhaps one of the most established operators known for their excellent karaoke facilities and services. The E-Box Family KTV currently operates 3 branches of karaoke centres, one in Endah Parade Shopping Centre in Sri Petaling and another in Ipoh’s Ipoh Garden Plaza while another one is at the Quality Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Essentially, the E-Box Family KTV is owned by Ocean Entertainment Sdn Bhd which have been around since 1999. This company is operated by Ocean Pictures Sdn Bhd who started off as a VCD distributor before expanding into the KTV business. Today, the E-Box Family KTV offers between 38 and 55 rooms in its premises and welcomes thousands of customers each year to enjoy singing sessions in their outlets.

As one of the premier operators in the entertainment sector, the E-Box Family KTV offers competitively-priced rooms which are all specifically designed for comfort and practicality for its customers who enjoy singing and hanging out with each other. The rooms and services offered by E-Box are catered for people from all races while they also practice a closed bar concept to ensure that the Muslim customers’ interests are protected. All the areas in the E-Box Family KTV are brightly lit while they are also equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety and hygiene of the premises.

As mentioned, E-Box Family KTV offers affordable and economic room or head packages for its customers who could enjoy the food here while indulging in their singing hobbies and passion. There are membership privileges where members are able to make use of the discounts and promotions provided while they also offer a wide range of local and international dishes in their F&B menu like Nasi Lemak, Cantonese fried noodles, sandwiches and French fries and many more.

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Roller Sports World

Roller-skating is one of the most loved hobbies among the younger generation for many years. Since the 1980s, roller-skating has become a popular past time among Malaysians and today, the sport has continued to be quite a loved activity among many. In recent years, roller skating has expanded into more exciting and amazing ways where in-line skating has become a norm as they are more challenging. Today, in-line skating or roller-blading as it is known by some is one of the most played sports among professionals as well as people from all walks of life.

Hence, RollerSports World brings in-line skating to the masses through its network of in-line skating centres in Malaysia. Located mainly in the Klang Valley, RollerSports World operates a few skating centres in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Sungei Wang Plaza and in Endah Parade. Here is where anyone could make use of the large ring and enjoy a time with the in-line skates which is known to promote good health, better balance and other natural goodness. RollerSports World is owned and operated by the Only World Group (OWG) which brings with them more than 40 years of experience in the entertainment and theme park industry which makes it one of the most interesting skating rings not only within Malaysia but also around Asia.

The RollerSports World in Endah Parade is located at the seventh floor of the shopping mall where it hosts some of the most state-of-the-art facilities for its customers. RollerSports World Endah Parade offers a place for in-line skaters to indulge in this sport at an environment which is a hygienic, conducive and very importantly safe. Rates here are at RM18 for non-members while members pay only RM10 per entry where apart from enjoying the sport, they could also enjoy the company of others as there are food and snacks sold within the premises.

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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Lavender Spa

Nestled on one of the top floors of Endah Parade Shopping Centre is Lavender Spa. As the name implies, Lavender Spa is a place for relaxation, to unwind and merely to rejuvenate the body. Here at Lavender Spa is where the individual is able to take a step back from the taxing demands of everyday life by enjoying the luxuries of life through a full and complete relaxation programme and facilities.

At Lavender Spa, you are transported into a world of bliss and imagination where indulgence is the order of the day. Here is where an all-in-one integrated spa environment for men and women are offered in which everyone is encouraged to put their guard down, be pampered to the maximum and enjoy that which is not possible in the hectic and fast-paced society.

The welcoming doors of Lavender Spa tells the full story of what to expect of the person walking into this outlet in which there are all types of everything for them to indulge. There is a great variety of food provided prepared by some of the best chefs around. Visitors to Lavender Spa only need to pay RM138 for a visit and they will be able to enjoy a full range of services and facilities for a whole day there.

Food is provided all through the day where the customer is able to order as much as they like while they can take breaks in between to enjoy grooming services like skin and hair offerings as well as the sauna and bath facilities. Apart from that, there are also the mini theatre rooms where movies are screened as well as there are also massages catered for male, female or couples. Foot massages are also provided while customers could also enjoy the Jacuzzi and hydro baths, all made specifically for the wellbeing of the individual.

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KL Megalanes Bowling Endah Parade

There are many places for anyone to play a game of bowling or two and one of the more popular bowling arenas is at the KL Megalanes located at Endah Parade Shopping Centre in Sri Petaling. Over the years, the game of bowling has become a common favourite among Malaysians who compete with one another or just enjoy the company of groups of friends and families over this game and that is where KL Megalanes Endah Parade offers within its premises of a shopping centre.

The KL Megalanes Bowling Endah Parade offers a full range of bowling related services and facilities where bowlers are able to rent the shoes and lanes at an affordable rate. Students who come and play at the KL Megalanes Endah Parade would enjoy student rates at only RM2.80 per game if they play before 7.00pm. Meanwhile on weekdays, there are late night promotions where players pay only RM10 for 3 games while at other times, the rates for the games are also very affordable and economical.

Bowling balls in all different weights and sizes are provided while other equipments are provided for rental at a nominal fee. Apart from that, there are also snacks and drinks provided at the cafe here for those who like to take a break from their games. Otherwise, the KL Megalanes is a very conducive place for groups of friends and families to just spend time together while pitting against each other over the game which is loved by many throughout many generations.

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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Celebrity Fitness

The Celebrity Fitness at the Endah Parade Shopping Centre is one of the wellness centres where one can go to maintain fitness and to work out. Here is where there is a wide range of equipments and facilities for the individual to work-out on in order to stay healthy and remain fit at all times. Celebrity Fitness offers state-of-the-art fitness equipments like treadmills and cycling facilities as well as many others to ensure a full and holistic workout for the member.

Apart from that, Celebrity Fitness also offer classes for the members who would like to enjoy a more complete form of exercise and workout. This is where aerobic classes are provided, a known exercising programme developed since the 1960s to help the individual burn out unwanted fats in the body. This form of exercise will help the individual to reduce forms of fatigue as well as to increase their stamina where it could generally reduce health risks.

Meanwhile, for those who like to cycle, there is also the cycling class which can be catered to everyone with all levels of fitness. The Cycling Classes in Celebrity Fitness are designed to offer anyone from amateurs to the experts a programme which could help them to slim down or for fitness purposes. Among the programmes offered under this banner is the Peloton, Freestyle and the RPM all of which come with different skill sets and difficulty levels catered to every type of individual.

Celebrity Fitness also offer yoga classes where each member would be able to reduce the stress of the working life and to keep a clear and balanced mind and body through the specifically crafted programmes of this known practice. Apart from that, Yoga is also known to increase relaxation and to establish a healthy and balanced approach to life through the unique exercises and routines.

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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Kids Station Marketing

If you walk around Endah Parade, you might sometimes feel that there really aren’t much happening here. If you look hard enough you might come across Kids Station Marketing, which is a shop that sells educational toys and material for children. This is where you will find that they have in their simple shop lot thousands of toys which are catered specifically to build the brain power of children that include iQ games, toys, puzzles and some specially made and designed toys.

The services that are provided by the shop here include teaching your kids (and you) on how the toys could help to enhance and educate them. There are many choices to choose from here where they can also deliver directly to your home. The outlet is located on the 2nd Floor of Endah Parade and is opened every day of the weak including public holidays. Operation hours are from 11am to 7pm

Most of the toys and items sold here have specific purposes where it will help either the language, mathematical or creative skills depending on what you are looking for. So feel free to talk to the personnel here and check out how their products could help your child to build stronger brain power.

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara sri petaling

Endah Parade Shopping Centre is one of the thriving shopping malls in the Klang Valley today. Apart from shopping and other entertainment services, there are many activities provided at the shopping centre while there is also a National Registration Department or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) here. Located at the upper floors of Endah Parade Shopping Centre in Sri Petaling, the JPN here provides a full range of services and registration facilities.

JPN is essentially the department that handles all the registration services for anyone. This is where the application and processing of the Malaysian identity card or MyKad can be done. Where this is concerned, the applicant can visit the Endah Parade JPN branch to register and apply for a MyKad after reaching the age of 12 by bringing the relevant documents. On top of that, they can also apply for replacement cards for those that are lost or damaged and pay a nominal fine where required.

JPN also caters for the registration of birth and deaths too. Such services are accorded to those with the relevant documents and requirements which could be carried out very quickly. Apart from that, anyone who would like to register for adoption could also do so at this branch. Where required, JPN is also the place to register for marriages and divorces. For foreigners who are looking to apply for citizenship, they could also visit the JPN branch as well.

Basically, anyone who needs to obtain any form of registration for a status in Malaysia would have to go and do so at JPN. The service provided for at the JPN branches are very good and efficient and all the related and required information could be obtained at the branch here while they could also obtain very useful information and consultation on what they would need to do.

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Endah Parade Badminton Court

One of the latest badminton centers to come out recently is the Pioneer Badminton Center which is located on the 5th Floor of the Endah Parade  Shopping Center. The Pioneer Badminton Center is an initiative started by some of our renowned badminton players including Wong Choong Hann, Chew Choon Eng, Chan Choong Ming and Lee Wan Wah when they formed the CNK Sports Academy in 2004.

The CNK Sports Academy started off by Wong Choong Hann, Simon Kong, Chew Choon Eng and Edward Ng while Chan Chong Ming and Lee Wan Wah joined later. It was an initiative to provide kids aged 9 and above the chance to learn badminton from the national shuttlers and to provide a proper education on the game. The provided clinics and workshops in some schools around the Klang Valley and also held camps for students from Singapore as well.

There are 10 courts in total and are opened everyday of the week from 9am to 1am. Bookings start at RM16 per hour until 6.30pm where after that you will have to book for 2.5 hours per slot at RM70. If you book for a monthly session, it will be RM62 per slot. On weekends and public holidays, the courts are RM20 per hour throughout the day.

Booking Number: 0390570489
Handphone: 0123220703

johan Answered on October 3, 2015.
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