What are the common positions in Basketball

What are the common positions in Basketball? is there any specific or special formation I have to follow?

james Asked on September 29, 2015 in Sports.
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As basketball is a team game, each player will have a role to play. Generally, basketball players are tall in nature as there will be a lot of physical contact and a lot of jumping. The tallest players in the team would be the center who are usually around the baskets. The offensive center is tasked to get a pass and shoot while they will also need to block defenders to prevent them from scoring. The defensive ones are to defence the basket from the opposing players.

A forward who is offensive is the one who will take passes and then shoot from the outsides. They are also responsible to try and gain a rebound and start a move again. Defensive forwards are those who are preventing drives to the basket by the opposing teams as well as to ensure that they get the rebounds.

The shortest players are the guards, where the offensive guard is the one who will be dribbling the ball and then setting up a shot for the other players. Defensive guards are tasked with marking the opposition team where they need to work on stealing passes, going for loose balls as well as blocking shots.

sazzy Answered on September 29, 2015.
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